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Some suggestions for you to help prepare for Two Bays Trail Run, especially if you haven't done the event or run the course.

Training on the course.
There'll be a number of training / reconnaissance runs in November and December that collectively cover the entire course, including the Deviation which the 56km runners take.  These runs have a variety of start locations and distances to cater to both 28k and 56km runners of all paces.
They're a good opportunity to test out your gear, your hydration and nutrition, and also your navigational skills!

Watch the Facebook Group for the training / reconnaissance runs in the lead up to race day. Geoff Markley, now kindly organises these.
Ask in the Group if you have any questions about these.

Join a running club.
There are a number of running clubs who have many runners in the event.
These include Running in the Burbs, Crosbie Crew, TXR and Dandenongs Trail Runners. The Aths Vic Run Club finder can be a handy reference for a running club close to you.
Follow a structured training program.

Magnus Mi
chelsson and Tristan Parker provided a couple of sample training programs for the 2011 event that should put you on the right track.  Just remember the event date will be slightly different so make the necessary adjustments....

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And if you want a personalised program, then talk to Run for Body and Soul. Kev has a lot of experience with the Two Bays Trail and can provide group and individualised programs and sessions.

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