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The Trail

IMPORTANT.  56km runners start and finish at Cape Schanck.  28km Runners start at Dromana and finish at Cape Schanck.


Situated on the Mornington Peninsula. The Two Bays Trail goes from Dromana, on Port Phillip Bay, to Bushrangers Bay and on to Cape Schanck.

First proposed by Stefanie Rennick in 1984 as part of the Victorian 150th anniversary celebrations, the 28km Trail traverses a diverse range of landscapes for which the Mornington Peninsula is famous.

The steep rise from sea level up to Arthurs Seat (elevation 1,000ft) provides 310 degrees of breathtaking views across the bay to Melbourne. The trail is well marked by a blue wren bird symbol on all signs. The middle of the track passes through mostly undulating national park and forest.

The section on the Bass Strait side reveals Bushrangers Bay, which is arguably more beautiful than the 12 Apostles area of the Great Ocean Road.

28km course GPS links. (Thanks Paul Day.) If you don't do tech, ask your grandkids for help, or scroll down to the videos, maps and directions.
The 28km course is approx. 27.4km with 705m of ascent and 659m of descent. Every watch will measure something different.
Garmin Connect 28km course:
56km course GPS links. (Thanks Paul Day.)
If you don't do tech, ask your grandkids for help, or scroll down to the videos, maps and directions.
The 56km course is approx. 55.7km with 1350m of ascent/descent. Every watch will measure something different.
Garmin Connect 56km course:

View HiSpeed Video of the 28km course.  (Thanks Kevin Mannix)

View 28km course with Brewster's Running commentary and advice on handling the terrain.

Below is the 56km course. The 28km course is the second half of the 56km course. Thanks to Steve from fstop5 sports photography for putting this together.

Trail Maps

Navigating the Trail for the 28km to Cape Schanck

Download the Map

The Trail is generally well marked, but if you don't understand GPS devices, you really need to look at the Parks Vic map from the download link above. If in doubt about the directions just follow the blue wren signs. These blue wren signs indicate that you are on the Two Bays Trail.


From the information centre  go along Point Nepean Highway away from Melbourne (the bay will be on your right)

Tourist Info

turn left onto Latrobe Parade and continue up the hill and across the bridge over the freeway

turn left onto Bunurong Track

15 metres in you will see another Track head on your right

go up the track and climb the steep track up to the top of Arthurs Seat

Arthurs Seat

follow the sign towards Seawinds

EXCEPT the last sign which reads Seawinds 0.3km.  At this sign you should take directions right to Waterfall Gully Rd.

follow the sign right to "McLarens Dam 1.4km"

McLarens Dam

go right to "Waterfall Gully Road 2.8km"

DO NOT follow the sign to Seamist Drive

take the short cut down to McLarens Dam

at the bottom of the hill, got to the left briefly to go past the Dam. The dam will be on your left. Veer right up the hill

the Urban section Begins

turn right at Waterfall Gully Road (There are safe water taps in the gardens here)

Turn left at Goolgowie Road

keep running along Goolgowie Road

turn left at Avalon Drive then..

sharp right 10 metres in

run through the reserve on the boards past the kids playground

and out onto Yambil Ave where you turn right.

run to the roundabout where you will see the Peninsula Sands sign and turn left along Duells Road (water in garden taps here)

stay on Duells Rd all the way until Gardens Rd (Road reserve- no actual road)

go right and wipe your feet on the brushes provided.

past the monument to the track visionary

down the hill, stay on the track

cross over Browns Rd. Into Hyslops Rd on the other side (unsealed)

run all the way up Hyslops Rd

eventually Hyslops Rd thins out to a track go straight ahead

follow the sign to "Cape Schanck 15.8km"

follow the sign left to Greens Bush and in about 50m take the track on the right. (marked with a faded blue wren).

run through Greens Bush.

right when you get to Greens Road

you will come into a clearing. You are in Greens Bush

go towards the large Greens Bush sign

through the gate and past the information shelter (13.4km to the Cape)

the next 8km is straightforward stay on the track. Make sure you are following the signs to Boneo Rd or Cape Schanck

you will go through beautiful mixed and rolling terrain

when you get to Boneo Rd watch for traffic. Cars have right of way.

(5.4km to the Cape)

go towards Bushrangers Bay and follow the track to the Cape (some small sections are sandy)


keep going for what seems an eternity (starting to feel it)

eventually you will rise up a small undulation and you'll see the lighthouse

run towards the lighthouse

Cape Schanck

into the carpark, past the toilet block (water in the toilets is bore water- don't drink it.)

the 28km run finishes in the Bus Lane at Cape Schanck.

56km runners ring the bell at their turnaround point in Dromana. (make it a performance!) Bell

Overview MapMap A Arthurs

Map B
                              Rosebud Streets

Map C Greens
                              BushMap D Cape

Overview Map

Elevation Profiles

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