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  • Waves starting at 7am.  28km runners start from the Dromana information centre, big grey building in the park on the corner of the Point Nepean Rd and Permien St. Dromana (Melways 159 F7) and finish at Cape Schanck. 56km runners wave start from 7:10am at Cape Schanck, run to Dromana, and run back to Cape Schanck. 
  • This course is amongst the most scenic in Australia. Runners are treated to a range of surfaces and settings: single track, coastal trail, grassy trail, dirt road and forest canopy.

Downloading a trail map is advised. Occasionally people manage to get lost. Don't let it be you. Download this map, laminate it, or tattoo it on your forearm.

Start Facilities (Dromana): Water, shops close by, toilets , fair bit of parking. Coffee Vendor.

Cape Schanck Facilities,  NO DRINKABLE WATER. Toilets. See car parking notes lower down.



Please read this page.

Age Limits

Age 18 (on race day) to 99. Because if you're too old for Lego, you're too old for this. Younger age limit is about the risk profile we present to the insurance company.

Aid Stations

Will be positioned per the overview map on "The Trail" page.
For 28km runners, they'll be at the approx 7.5km(Rosebud), 12km(HyslopsRd), 18km(GreensBushEast) and 22km(BoneoRd) marks.
For 56km runners, they'll be at the approx 6km
(BoneoRd), 10km(GreensBushWest), 16km, 21.5km(Rosebud), 28km(Dromana), 35.5km(Rosebud), 40km(HyslopsRd), 46km(GreensBushEast) and 50km(BoneoRd) marks.

There will be water, 32Gi sports nutrition and basic first aid equipment available at each aid station.  Coke comes out for the tail end of the 28km and the 56km return.

If you wish to have your own equipment on hand for use at Dromana, HyslopsRd South or Boneo Rd aid stations, you can create a special needs "drop bag" clearly marked with your name and race number. You need to hand these over at Dromana on the Saturday noon-5pm. (See S for Special Needs for more details.)

For locations on a map of all aid station sites please see "The Trail" page.

This is a Trail Run, primarily through National Parks. Cups will NOT be used or provided.

Runners must have a 500ml min capacity hydration device/bottle/camelbak/fuelbelt to carry water with them, at all times, that is full at the start of the race.


The Ambulance service is not a free service in Victoria. It's your responsibility to check your health cover and ensure you are covered for ambulance cover in the case of an emergency. To arrange cover with Ambulance Victoria, visit

Backup Date

Due to the run going through National Parks which are subject to closure in the event of a Code Red fire day, permits have also been sought to run the event on the following weekend, if it becomes necessary for that or any other reason. In the event that the event can't be run on January 12th 2025, it will be rescheduled to be run on January the 19th 2025.

Bag Delivery to 28km Finish.

See notes about Special Needs items lower down this page.


Busing Arrangements

Buses take you AWAY from your 28km finish AFTER the run.

Bus fare is incorporated in the entry fee for the 28k run.


Car Parking.  !!Not Many Spaces at Cape Schanck!!

At Cape Schanck, (the 28km  finish and 56km start), there are 117 standard car spaces and 3 disabled spaces in the asphalt car park.

We encourage car pooling where possible.

We have arranged for limited roadside parking at the southern end of the Cape Schanck Road. (Not normally allowed).

Further parking at the Cape Schanck end of the course can be found at Fingal Picnic Area. (1.6km north of Cape Schanck Lighthouse.) Approx 80 car spaces there.

Map D Cape Schanck


Again we hope to have access to the Cape Schanck Light Station grounds for parking.

56km runners take out the free parking near the finish line. 28km friends and family then start parking up the Cape Schanck Rd as far as Fingal.

The light station grounds are also right near the finish line, and parking there will be managed by Yarra Ranges Aths Club as a fund-raiser. $5- per car.
Car Parking.  Dromana

In the streets and beach car parks near Permien St. Please be mindful of local residents. And park legally! Not at the Catholic Church.

Changing between Event/Distances

See T for Transfers.

Clothing and Equipment


  • Pack with bladder, handheld bottles etc. Device for carrying at least 500ml of fluids is mandatory. 

Other equipment suggestions:
  • Shoes. (Trail or Road). Short answer: either. Long answers, plus variety of opinion in the Two Bays Facebook group. Go there and search "trail shoes".
  • Compression bandage - In case of snake bite.
  • Mobile Phone with good coverage. Telstra pretty good. Vodaphone Bad.
  • Tri/Adventure tops with pockets on the back. For carrying in food/gel/compression bandage. Also for taking your rubbish back out with you.
  • Hat/Cap
  • Sunscreen
  • Anti-chafe lubricant
  • Food
  • Collapsible Cup to drink from at aid stations
  • Boardshorts/Swimwear/Hawaiian shirts. Yes we are serious, you will be entitled to a front row start.

Course Measurement

Course is measured and certified to PDA standards. 28km for the one way trip. 56km for the two way trip. (In reality the 28k is about  27.55km)


None. Zip. Nil. Nada. This is a trail run, not a road race; mostly through beautiful National and State Parks. Aid stations will have water, sports drink etc. in 25 litre plastic cubes/drums with taps on the bottom. You can refill your bottles, camelbak, fuelbelt or whatever you brought to carry fluids at these points. (Water carrying device is mandatory equipment.)

OK, some of the aid stations do have an emergency cup supply, but please don't expect them to have filled cups of your favorite beverage.


Cut-Off Times

If you can't complete the 28km in under 4 hours (from your wave start time), or the 56km in under 8 hours (from your wave start time) you should not enter that event. Why are there Cut-Off times? See also "Q for Qualification Standards" lower down.

Participants finishing outside of cutoff times will not appear in the final results.

Cut-off Times for 56km Runners.

28km Dromana 3h45m after wave start.
Hyslops Rd Aid Station (approx 40km) 5h45m
after wave start.
Boneo Rd 7h15m (approx 50km)
after wave start.
Cape Schanck Finish line 8h00m
after wave start.

The turnaround cut-off process will apply as follows:
        Runners arriving at Dromana from 3h30min after race start will be advised that they are at risk of failing to complete the event within the 8hr total event time. Prior experience tells us that next to no-one who turns around after 3hrs30mins completes the 56km event within the overall cut-off of 8hrs.

Runners will be officially withdrawn from the event if they have not departed on the return leg of the event by those times listed above.
        Runners behind cutoff will be asked to remove their race number.
        The 2nd half sweepers will depart Dromana exactly 3h45min after race start.
        Our traffic management providers will begin dismantling infrastructure and reopening roads as the sweeper has moved through the road sections.
        Any runner that arrives at the bottom of the Arthurs Seat trail, Bunurong Track, after roads have been re-opened will be withdrawn from the race at this point due to potential danger of continuing on the road section.
    Runners who don't organize a lift away from the course will be asked to get in a sag wagon. They will eventually be delivered to Cape Schanck finish line, but be aware the driver has other responsibilities out on course.

    If a runner ignores these instructions, they will by their actions accept personal responsibility for their safety. They will not be accepted into future events.

If you fail to make a cutoff you are automatically a DNF.

Runners behind Cutoff Schedule are automatically considered a DNF and must not proceed beyond the aid station they have failed to meet on time. Do not abuse, plead with, or throw hissy-fits at the volunteers. They can't authorise you to go on. Organise a lift out or await the sag wagon.


Rotten Boardwalks. There are boardwalk sections covered in chicken wire. Large runners (80kg plus) are advised to take it easy as some of the boards are rotten.


First Aid for Snake Bites:

Stop lymphatic spread - bandage firmly, splint and imobilise!

The pressure-imobilisation approach is simple, safe and will not cause tissue damage (ie, from incision, injection, freezing or arterial torniquets - all of which are ineffective).

See Dr. Cheryl's youtube video of how to do it.

Weather: It may be hot. Do not attempt this run without carrying fluids.

* Drink the Right Amount of the Right Fluids
(Too much is bad.  Too little is bad. Drink when thirsty. Don't pre, or overload.)

* Replace Lost Electrolytes

* Wear Appropriate Clothing

* Use Sunscreen and Avoid Sunburn

* Acclimate to the Heat

Getting lost. The course will be well marked, but fatigued runners tend to develop tunnel vision. Keep your wits about you and keep an eye out for orange markings/ribbons/cones. The Two Bays track also has official markings that are a blue wren symbol. Maps are on your race-bibs but familiarizing yourself with this map before hand could save you a lot of time on the day. Bring a mobile phone on the Telstra network so you can contact others.

If you are a GPS wearer learn how it use its features and learn how to retrace your steps using the map facility.

Fire. The event will be postponed if there is a Total Fire Ban Day, Extreme Fire Danger Rating, or Catastrophic Fire Danger Rating.

On days of forecast Catastrophic Fire Danger Rating, the Department of Sustainabilty and Environment and Parks Victoria will close parks and forests (including State Forests and National Parks) in the relevant weather district for public safety.

Some parks or visitor areas which are judged to be at a lower risk of bushfire may remain open, such as those in inner-urban areas or areas which have been recently burnt.

For bushfire information visit

ESTA Markers:

Please keep an eye out for the location of these green marker signs. If you or a fellow participant has a problem that is serious enough to require a "000" call then knowing the three letter, three digit sequence on the nearest sign will greatly speed up assistance getting in.

"Emergency Markers enable the exact location of a Triple Zero (000) caller to be accurately identified. Markers are more than just signs. They are supported by GPS co-ordinates and navigational data that assist in getting emergency services to the public with minimal delay."

Obviously you could be quite some distance from the nearest marker, however if you call race organizers and can tell us how many kilometers into the run you are, we will have access to maps that help identify the number of the nearest ESTA marker.

Emergency Evacuation (Mass)

While the preference is to re-route, detour, or turn the races into shortened OutNback routes, in a mass emergency situation we may need to evacuate runners.

Below are maps showing possible routes used, and designated bus pickup areas.

When training on the course, please make note of the locations of evacuation routes, and bus evacuation locations.

Entrants List

  will be here.

Field Limits

We'll be applying for 1700 runners for the 2025 event.

The event has sold out every year until the Covid Pandemic. Numbers were less in 2021 and 2022. 2023 and 2024 were back to full strength, but didn't have the "sell-out" button pressed.
No we can't predict precisely if or when. (Generally late Nov through to late Dec, depending on the year.)
No we can't send you a personal email when its down to the last 50 entries available.

Note: Sometimes we need to close off 28km entries ahead of the 56km entries as about one hundred 56km entrants will make late changes to become 28km entrants.

First Aid Providers

EMS First Aid service is being used. Major locations will be at Dromana and Cape Schanck, with visits to Rosebud street section and Boneo Rd.

Green crosses on some peoples race numbers mean they have level 2 or higher First Aid Qualifications.  If you are in a bad way appeal to them, if you have a widdle gwaze then leave them alone they are racing too.

Everyone should help a runner in serious trouble.


Two Bays Trail Run prior to the 2011 event was a FATASS event. (No Rules, No Aid, No Wimps etc.) The idea of using the trail came from Kevin C. Impetus in the early years was provided by 'Virtual'. The 2010 event saw numbers grow to 86 and the attention of the authorities was attracted. Thus the 2011 event was the 7th Two Bays Trail Run, but the first official running of the event with all the necessary permits and consultations having taken place. 2011 saw over 400 people finish. 2012 had close to 700 finishers.  2013 had over 900 finishers. 2014 & 2015 about 1000. 2016 & 2017 about 1100. 2018 & 2019 had a bit over 1300. 2020 had almost 1500 finish. 2021 was a mess on the capping due to Covid regs interpretations from various govt. bodies. Capped at 500, then 2x500, then opened up to 1500, but too late for most people to hear about it. (Event is usually capped by ParksVic and that cap has been slowly increased.) 2022 had the great Omicron exodus and went from over 1600 entrants to 1220 finishers. 2023 and 2024 were just under 1600 finishers.


Big Long Run is covered for Public Liability Insurance though Athletics Victoria and is affiliated with AthsVic.
What that means for runners with AthsVic memberships, or those in affiliated recreational running groups who've paid their dues, is that you have access to personal accident insurance. We strongly encourage runners to get AthsVic recreational runner memberships.
Otherwise you're just relying on Medicare, and/or your own health insurance which could leave you further out of pocket.
Examples of clubs / running groups that have insurance benefits, plus relevant sessions for Two Bays entrants.
Running In The Burbs, TXR, Dandenongs Trail Runners, Surf Coast Trail Runners.
For more click here.

ITRA / UTMB Frequent Flyer Loyalty Points Scheme

No. We aren't participating.
However, if you really want the points, want to deal with the European bureaucracy and pay the Euros, then feel free to do the paperwork and get it organised.
(Some years ago a runner did this for Two Bays without even telling us.)

Mandatory Gear

See R for Rules. Rules 14,17 and 18 in particular.
Also see C for Clothing.

Massage Providers

At the Cape Schanck finish line will be Rise Health Group providing massage. Based from Melbourne's south-east, they offer a bunch of health professional services for athletes. If you need help pre and post event too check them out at

Merchandise Sales / Pickup.

Pre-Event. Is available by either editing your registration.  Or by using using this link.

At the event. Best selection on Saturday, Noon - 5pm at Permien St Dromana. (Race Number pickup session), and;
What's left is available for sale on Sunday at the Cape Schanck finish line.

If you didn't select the postage option, then your garment is available for collection at merchandise sales at those above times and locations.

FAQ. I ordered a t-shirt a while back, but it hasn't arrived. When will I receive it?
A: It probably means you didn't add postage. Check your registration email/receipt. Contact us if it was supposed to be posted, and we'll start chasing.

If you now want your item(s) posted and hadn't added postage earlier please add postage.


We're taking the wider 'ultra' version of pacing, where 'pacers' are there to help particular entrants in whatever way, rather than in the track sense of being there to set a particular pace.

The reality: we're a mixed event on a public trail.

If you're a paid entrant, we can't stop you running with your best mate, even if your intention is to act as a pacer. Please don't, particularly if one is likely to be a podium contender, it doesn't provide a level playing field for all if some are using pacers.

If you're not a paid entrant, we also can't stop you from using a public trail. But non-entrants do clog the trail for entrants, and we as organisers wind up being held responsible for them by authorities, insurance company etc.

In the event of us identifying pacing you may be disqualified.

Phone Coverage

This is a real issue. Some carriers have very limited coverage. Prior experience tells us that Vodaphone has very little coverage in the whole southern half of the course

The Telstra network shown in the map below has fairly good coverage and we advise using them for your safety and that of others.  Telstra 'service' totally sucks, but the network is about as good as it gets.

Having 1600 extra phones in the area can overload the cells in the areas of dodgy coverage, so be aware that at Cape Schanck you may not be able to make calls.

Local taxi drivers advise that Optus has decent coverage.

Text messages are more likely to get through with bad network connectivity than voice calls.

3G Phone

Poles - Hiking Poles

1. If you'd like to talk about their viability please start another thread in the Facebook group... or bump one of the old ones.
2. Poles aren't against the rules.
3. But we'd prefer you didn't use them for the safety of others. (Trip hazard for others trying to overtake on narrow sections. Eye poke hazard to people behind when on stairs, - please stow them safely.)
4. Running without poles counts more.

Preferred Start

Entrants clad in boardshorts, Hawaiian shirts or swimwear are entitled to assemble at the front of the starting area.

Get with the summer vibe and enjoy the advantage.
Two Bays Boardies

Prizes - Podium / Money

All first place getters in the 28km run and the 56km run receive free entry to Two Bays Trail Run the following year.

Bonus $50- to all place getters (first to third, F and M in both the 28km run and 56km runs) who complete visibly clad in boardshorts, Hawaiian shirts or swimwear. (that's not just, start or finish in said items). Remember there are on-course photographers. Just starting or finishing in the right gear is insufficient.

Please Note: We used to run around trying to chase up all the podium people. It was kind of like herding cats. So now presentations are at fixed times.

The cunning plan...
If a place getter doesn't show up at presentations, another runner will be selected from the crowd to stand up on the dais and receive the missing runner's prizes. (Excluding the cheques available to the podium people.) Incentive to be there!

Cheques will be mailed the Wednesday after the race to those podium people who wrote a post (not just a comment) of 50 words min about their Two Bays race in the facebook group (not to our organization page, or their personal page, or some other place) and posted it by midnight Tuesday after the race.  The running public will love hearing from you under your own name.  Posts made under spouses names will no longer be eligible.
F56 - First Place $400-
M56 - First Place $400-
F56 - Second Place $300- M56 - Second Place $300-
F56 - Third Place $200- M56 - Third Place $200-
F28 - First Place $300- M28 - First Place $300-
F28 - Second Place $200- M28 - Second Place $200-
F28 - Third Place $150- M28 - Third Place $150-
Place-getters finishing while breaking rules, eg. finishing without water carrying device, or wearing headphones are ineligible for prizes, and are likely DQs.

Program of Events 2025

Sat 11 Jan
Noon-5pm Race Number Packet Pickup from Dromana.
Vendors open.

Sun 12 Jan
6am Race Number Packet Pickup at both start locations.
7am 28km runners start from Dromana. (Wave started)
7:10am 56km runners start from Cape Schanck. (Wave started)
10:55am Cutoff time for 56km runners to have departed Dromana on their return journey to Cape Schanck.
11am Cutoff time for 28km runners to have finished by.

3:10pm Cutoff time for 56km runners to have finished by.

Qualification Standards / Ranking data, for 2025

Yes it can be a Garmin / Strava link.
No it doesn't have to be at an official event.
Top tip: Don't set it to Private.

Qualification Standards are firstly for safety. (It's a long run, in summer and access has difficulties at some points.)

Secondly to not overly test the endurance of our lovely volunteers.

Thirdly we have the 56km event going on at the same time as the 28km run which presents course constraint issues. Tail end 28km runners intersect with the 56km runners at the Gardens Road reserve. (Narrow Point). Tiring 28km participants also intersect with lead 56km runners at the end.

Fourthly, we'll admit that Traffic Management and First Aid cost a bomb.  We can measure each quarter hour the course is kept open in hundreds of dollars.

Fifthly, with the shift to wave starting in 2020, we needed comparable data to rank runners for those waves. Two Bays, and half/mara Run results provide far better, more comparable data than say, small field, mountain hike-run events.

28km Qualification / Ranking Data:  (Data submitted is also used for wave-sorting, so if you want an earlier wave, and have a couple of potential qualifiers, use the qualifier that best showcases your abilities.)
(a) Two Bays 28km course under 4hrs. (In 12 months prior to Jan 12 2025, but submitted by Xmas 2024)
(b) Half Marathon under 2h15m in 12 months prior to Jan 12 2025 but submitted by Xmas 2024.***

56km Qualification / Ranking Data: (Data submitted is also used for wave-sorting, so if you want an earlier wave, and have a couple of potential qualifiers, use the qualifier that best showcases your abilities.)
(a) Two Bays 56km course under 8hrs. (In 12 months prior to Jan 12 2025, but submitted by Xmas 2024.) OR
(b) Marathon under 4hrs30mins in
12 months prior to Jan 12 2025, but submitted by Xmas 2024.***

For those who don't have a current qualifying time when entries go live please enter if you think you can run one before Christmas 2024.  The online entry procedure will give scope to write a short note re your ability and plan to run a qualifier.

Please then email the Judge, and update your registration (by editing your registration), once you have run a qualifier stating distance and what time you ran.  (With link to your run.) People who have paid entry will have until Christmas to qualify and update their registration with that qualification time/event and link. 

Qualification enquiries email:

***Special Note about Half Marathon qualifying times.  It is sub 2:15. Not 2:25-but-I-had-to -stop-twice-to-go-to-the-toilet-so-really-this-is-a-sub-2:15.  If your toileting needs are such that you have to go that frequently then you are going to have go more times during Two Bays and not less.
Super Special Note: If you are someone who believes all figures have wriggle room, then please think of the half mara sub 2:15 criteria as being sub 2:10 with 5 minutes of wriggle room.

Race Numbers

There are two reserved race numbers. "0" is reserved for Kevin. Think of the "0" as a thought bubble. It was Kev's idea in the first place to use the Two Bays Walking Track for an Ultra Run. Kev has been present at every Two Bays run whether as participant, helper, organizer or whatever.

"1" is reserved for 'Virtual' who was the first organizer of the event back in its FATASS (unofficial) days. Virtual organized the first half decade of the run, and got it off the ground.

There are handy-dandy maps on the back of the race number in case you become geographically-embarrassed (lost) and need to find your way back.

It shouldn't happen, but better safe than sorry.

Green crosses on some peoples race numbers mean they have level 2 or higher First Aid Qualifications.

Light blue bibs indicate 28km Runners and white bibs indicate 56km Runners.

If you want to pick up a race bib for a friend, fill in this form, and bring it along.

Race numbers can be picked up on Saturday 11th January 2025, between noon and 5pm at the Dromana 28km start location. Corner of Permien St. and Point Nepean Rd. They can also be picked up from 6am on January 12th 2025, the morning of the event at both start lines. Race numbers are NOT mailed out. (Mailing results in a percentage of chips being destroyed.)
Lost Race Numbers - A replacement bib and chip can be reissued for a fee of $12-
Two Bays Race Number

*** BONUS on Saturday 11 Jan, pickup your race number at Dromana noon-5pm and receive a free Two Bays Sticker. (For people present, supporting the traders and adding to the vibe, not for the extra race numbers you might be picking up on behalf of others not present.)


See W for withdrawing and T for Transfers.

Road Crossings & Sharing

There are two major road crossings. Browns Road, and Boneo/C777/Rosebud-Flinders Road. Cars have right of way at these , and all other road crossings in the Two Bays Trail Run.

Latrobe Pde and the Rosebud Street section are both Road-Sharing situations.

Speed limit reduction and warning signs will be employed, but be aware you may be delayed a minute or so on occasion.


People tend to believe they are exempt from rules, so unfortunately a few years back we had to start using disqualification as a method of attaining overall compliance. It works, but it's sad for the runner and the organisers. Please avoid sadness.
FYI the most common causes for DQ are breaches of rules 13, 15 and 18.

  1. Obey all Parks Victoria rules when in the Parks.
  2. The event will not proceed if there is a code red fire warning for the day. It is illegal to enter the park on a Code Red fire warning day.
  3. In keeping with the season and the holiday location, runners wearing boardshorts, swimwear or Hawaiian shirts will be entitled to assemble in the preferred start area.
  4. Leaving the Course. Entrants who leave the course during the event eg. for toilet stop, getting lost or meeting up with support people; must re-enter the course at the point they left the course. Lost entrants may use any legal method to get back to the course, but must re-enter where they left and resume running from that point.
  5. Withdrawing from the race. Any entrant withdrawing from the race must notify race officials that they have done so. Mobile phone numbers are provided on the back of your race number.
  6. Support Crew. Runners can have supporters meet them on course with food, drink, etc., so long as those supporters give way to runners, and obey all park rules.
  7. Using a mountain bike in most areas is against Park rules. Don't even think about having support crew on MTBs.
  8. You wouldn't think we have to mention no dogs in a National Park... but it turns out we do. NO dogs in the Parks.
  9. Obey the direction of Race Officials and Volunteers. Entrants ignoring marshals at road crossings will be disqualified.
  10. Runners behind Cutoff Schedule are automatically considered a DNF and must not proceed beyond the aid station they have failed to meet on time. Do not abuse, plead with, or throw hissy-fits at the volunteers. They can't authorise you to go on. Organise a lift out or await the sag wagon.
  11. Be courteous to all you encounter on the course. We don't have exclusive use of the trails.
  12. Vehicular traffic has right of way in the areas where we are road-sharing.
  13. Entrants must race with a means of carrying at least 500ml of fluids. And you must start with it full.
  14. Entrants must not leave rubbish on the course. Carry it with you to the next aid station and deposit it there if there is a bin. Otherwise; carry it in - carry it out.
  15. No I-pods, MP3 players, headphones etc. to be used. There are too many single track sections and areas shared with vehicles. Runners need to be aware of the presence of others, or of vehicles, and to be able to receive directions from marshals.
  16. If you are even mildly asthmatic then a puffer is mandatory equipment.
  17. No Pacers. Pacers aren't allowed and can result in the DQ of the entrant being paced. See P for Pacers for more detail.
  18. You must start in your allocated wave, or a slower wave. Entrants starting in a faster wave may be DQd.

We are fortunate to be allowed access to the trail to run our event, so please make sure you leave no trace of having been there. Take all rubbish with you, place it in bins at aid stations, or risk disqualification.

Special Drinks/Needs Items/Bag Delivery to 28km Finish.

Any special needs items must be dropped at the Dromana startline on Saturday 11th January, between noon and 5pm. Items will be accepted for delivery to the Hyslops Rd. South Aid Station, Boneo Road Aid Station, and to be retained at Dromana (for the 56km runners turning around).  Don't use your special unobtanium drink bottles.  The only means of retrieval after the event is to send us a postbag to have them returned.

Delivery of bags for 28km runners to their finish at Cape Schanck will be available on race morning.

We supply the tags. You supply the bags. but, pre-marking your items will save you and us time.

Spectating / Supporting Locations

To see / support your runner, look at the Trail page to study the course.

Also download the spectators map here.

 Look out for runners though!!!! And please don't drive across the course, where runners are crossing roads or using streets.


Sweepers will be deployed onto the course with the aim of ensuring there's no one left on the course unaccounted for. If you leave the trail at any time, please leave your pack in the middle of the trail so the sweeper doesn't go past you.

For the 2025 event Teams will again be a little more manual.

1. Enter your team details into this form
2. You'll receive a confirmation email with both the details submitted and a link for returning to edit later as required.

3. If you want to check what your team has in the system take a look at this non-editable spreadsheet.

Last date for team updates: Jan 6th 2025

No it's not a relay system.

Best results from your team members are used to calculate your team position.

Results are put out later in the week post event due to the manual calculations required. Full results in the facebook Group.

No prizes. Bragging rights only. If you'd like to sponsor prizes for the teams comp then let us know.

Timing Chips

We use a disposable chip system that is stuck to the back of your race number.  The system is very reliable, but reliability is aided by wearing your race number lower rather than higher.  Best not to have the number compressed against your body under a pack strap either, to aid first read accuracy.


We do get asked how many and where by entrants, so....

Dromana. Foreshore Near Permien St. 3Fpans 1Fbasin, 2Mpans 2Murinal 1Mbasin.
Dromana. Foreshore 317m from Permien St. Melbourne direction.
3Fpans 1Fbasin, 2Mpans 2Murinal 1Mbasin.
Dromana Visitor Info Centre 3Fpans 1Fbasin, 2Mpans 2Murinal 1Mbasin, 1disabled pan 1 disabled basin.
Dromana Portaloos 3UnisexPans 3basins
Rosebud Street Section.  Corner Goolgowie and Avalon
1UnisexPan 1basin

Hyslops Rd. (North) at Browns Rd. 1UnisexPan 1basin

Hyslops Rd. (South) Aid Station 1UnisexPan 1basin

Greens Bush Aid Station (Lightwood creek campground) 1UnisexPan 1basin
Boneo Rd Crossing 1UnisexPan 1basin

Fingal. About 1.5km north of Cape Schanck. Good for dropping in at before the 56km start and avoiding queues. 4Fpans, 1Fbasin, 2Murinal, 2Mpans, 1Mbasin.

Cape Schanck - Portaloos
3UnisexPans 3basins

Cape Schanck 5Fpans 2Fbasins. 1disabledPan 1 basin,  3Mpans, 6Murinal 2Mbasins.   .

Trail Marking

Two Bays Trail Run Race markers are ORANGE ribbons pegged to trees.  Road cones in the street sections. Additional signage also present at key points. Km markers along the way.

Transfers of Entries.
See also W for Withdrawing which has details about Refunds & Withdrawing, which may also be of interest if you can't run this time around.

Transfer to The Next Year: Yes.

Email  and we'll withdraw you and get you a promo code to the next year that will remove the entry fee.

If you make the request by Nov 15 - Free. (Because race numbers aren't yet printed.)
Nov 16-30 transfers. $12-

December transfers - $18-
Jan transfers - $28- until Jan 8th. No Transfers or refunds after that.
Pay fee in the store:
Then email  so we're immediately notified.

Transfer to Another Distance:

If entered in the 56km run, entrants can change to the 28km run at no additional charge if making that change from 56 to 28 before December 1st 2024. Do this via "Visit Dashboard" button on your reg email. (Transfers button in the registration facility.)

56km runners requesting a change to the 28km run on or after December 1st 2024 will incur an $12- fee to cover the replacement race-bib and chip and admin.
Do this by modifying your registration. (Transfers button in the registration facility.)

If a 28km run entrant wishes to undertake the longer 56km run they can do so for the difference in fee, and must fulfil the qualification criteria for the 56km.  Do this via "Visit Dashboard" button on your reg email. (Transfers button in the registration facility.)
December 1st 2024 distance increases incur an additional $12- fee to cover the replacement race-bib and chip and admin.

When do we need to be notified of your wish to change?
Over 6 weeks out if you want a personalised race bib. (Before they get printed)
Over 2 weeks out if you want ServiceWithAsmile.

Race morning if you want to do it amidst race morning rush and risk a delay in winding up in the results... plus you'd have to turn up at the correct end for the distance you want to run.

Transfer to Another Runner: Yes, but...

You'll likely find yourself financially better off to ask for a refund or to transfer your entry to the next years event. But if you really want to transfer your entry to someone else you can do so. The registration facility will charge $50- for doing so. Deadline: Jan 5th.

If you have questions email .

You'll need to have all this information...
1. New Entrant's full name.
2. Does the New Entrant have Level 2 or higher first aid qualifications?
3. Mobile Ph number of phone entrant will carry on race day.
4. Link to New Entrant's qualifying run. See Q for Qualification for Qualification Policy.
5. Distance of New Entrant's qualifying run.
6. Time taken for New Entrant's qualifying run.
7. New Entrant's email address.
8. New Entrant's birth date.
9. New Entrant's mailing address.
10. New Entrant's emergency contact person name.
11. New Entrant's emergency contact person phone number.
12 Medical conditions of New Entrant that First Aid providers should be aware of.

Do this via "Visit Dashboard" button on your reg email. (Transfers button in the registration facility.)


See "Buses" on this page, or the useful links page, depending on what your need is.


If you'd like to volunteer for the event we'd like to have you. On-the-day volunteers are most needed, and if you volunteer for a minimum of 4 hours, we can give you a free entry for the following year, or a special person in your life can run for free in a subsequent Big Long Run event.
(Please ask for your super secret entry code prior to entering that subsequent event.)

All volunteers will receive some schwag and our gratitude.

To sign up to volunteer at Two Bays... Please fill out this form.

There's also a Vols Facebook group that we'd like you to join for information sharing.

Thank you for being prepared to help out.  The show doesn't happen without your pizzazz.

Kim Day

Wave Starts 2025


FINAL WAVES Fri 12 Jan 2024

Wave Sorters use the data you supplied in your race registration. If you put in a slow run, no run (eg. "I emailed the Judge and they said I was ok to run"), or a run that was not a good indicator of your abilities you will get a later wave.
Emailing the Judge leaves nothing in the data base for the wave-sorters to work with. (Roughly 1000 people initially have incomplete data. The (volunteer) Judge doesn't have time to complete peoples entries for them.)

1 minute between waves at Dromana. 1 minute between waves at Cape Schanck.

Your result (except podium positions, which are decided by who got over the finish line first) will be decided off your Timing Point to Timing Point time. So it doesn't start until you cross the start-line mat.
If you're going for podium positions then you need to get over the start-line fast as podium positions are decided on who shows up first at the finish line.

FAQ1, Can I run with my emotional support person?
Answer: Yes, due to withdrawals there's a little flex in the wave structure to accommodate a few people who are very attached to someone else. Please turn up to the slower persons wave.

FAQ2, I don't like my wave allocation, can it be changed?
Answer: Possibly.
Step1. Start by looking up you reg email. Press the "Visit Dashboard" button that lets you access your reg. Look at what you put in your race reg. If it was crap / no data, then start by putting in something that would give the wave sorters some better confidence in your abilities.
Step2. Email once you've updated your data.

FAQ3, What happens if I start in a faster wave?
Answer: You get DQd.
If you didn't like your wave allocation see FAQ 1 and FAQ 2 above.

Weather - What will it be?

25 degrees according to this... 


See also: T for Transfers
Pre Race Withdrawals:

For a pre-race withdrawal send an email to  and request to be withdrawn. Details of refunds below. (From the 2025 event waiver in the registration facility.)

"In the event of withdrawal by an entrant, entry fees will be refunded less an administrative fee of $12- if the withdrawal is received and acknowledged by the organisers by 1st Dec 2024. Less a $17.50 administrative fee if received by 8th December. Less a $25- administrative fee if received by 15th December. Less a $33- administrative fee if received by 22nd Dec 2024. Less a $40- administrative fee if received by 1st Jan 2025. Less a $60- fee if received by 6th January 2025. No refund will be given after 6th January 2025. No transfers of entries are permitted between entrants. If you think this is tough, you should compare this refund policy to Ironman events. Refunds of optional merchandise ordered, but not yet received, can be accommodated, (minus 20% to cover credit card fees, handling time etc.), provided the request is received prior to 25th December 2024."

56km entries purchased after sell-out, or after 25 Dec 2024, whichever comes first, are not transferable to the 28km run.

During the Race:
If you wish to withdraw at any stage, you need to do so at an aid station and notify the attendants of your intention to withdraw. You can ask the aid station attendants for a lift after their shift, but remember their first priority is to look after the majority.  Phoning a friend or the local cab service may be your fastest option home after officially withdrawing... though if you want to hang out and help the vollies till their shift ends, that's fine and dandy too.

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