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Two Bays Trail Run is scheduled for Jan 15th 2017.  Fallback date of Jan 22nd.

(Please read the fine print below)

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Two Bays has well and truly maxed out its cap of 1000 runners.
Woohoo. This is good!
Ummm but bad if you hadn't yet registered, coz the entry facility is temporarily closed.
But wait!... What if people withdraw? Then what?
Well, when we get enough withdrawals we temporarily re-open the registration facility for small windows of time.  We'll let you know in this thread when.
So follow along if you need that info.
Please read the fine print below.


The terms and conditions of the Second Chance Entries are as follows:
1. Entries will be open on specified dates. (Advised via facebook, in this thread, as they become available.) They will remain open until we have received all available entries on a first in, first secured basis.

2. Only entries that meet the qualifications below will be accepted for entry There is no flexibility or correspondence. If you don't meet the criteria, please don't enter. If you enter and your entry is not accepted you will have your entry refunded less a $15- processing fee.

Two Bays Trail Run 2015 and 2016, within 4hrs for 28km or 8hrs for 56km
a Half Marathon in 2016 completed under 2h15m for 28km or Marathon under 4h30m for 56km

3. Second Chance entries are not a wait-list service. Think of it as a notification service. Tag yourself into this thread if you want to receive notifications. Untag yourself if you no longer want notifications.

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